Chiltepin Hot Pepper Jelly

What are Chiltepin Peppers?

Chiltepin Peppers is a tiny, round or oval shaped, red to orange-red chile, measuring about .8 cm in diameter. It has grown in the wild throughout much of Mexico and Texas. Texas named the chiltepin the state’s “official native pepper” in 1997. Our Chiltepin Hot Pepper Jelly is made with the best quality locally grown Chiltepin Peppers. Providing a smoky and hot flavor, we love to pair our jellies with our toasted sourdough bread.

A Balanced Mingling Of Sweet Heat

Make snack time extra tasty or level up your next meal with Penny's perfectly balanced Chiltepin Hot Pepper Jelly. Made with a blend of flavorful peppers, this jelly offers much more than heat! Compliment a cracker with cream cheese and a spread of jelly or add a little sweet heat to your next salmon dinner. There's no wrong way to enjoy Penny's Pantry's Chiltepin Hot Pepper Jelly. Grab some and tantalize your taste buds today!